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The Magnificent Seven (From "The Magnificent Seven")

von Timeless Soundtracks and Themes, Vol. 1


The Magnificent Seven

von The Magnificent Seven (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


The Magnificent Seven - Suite

von Movie Memories- Music From the Greatest Films


The Great Escape

von England World Cup Anthems 2010


The Great Escape: Theme from the Motion Picture (Elmer Bernstein) Single

von The Great Escape - Theme from the Motion Picture (Elmer Bernstein) Single



Elmer Bernstein - The Comancheros Soundtrack Suite
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - Main Title and Calvera/Council/Quest/Strange Funeral (After the Brawl)/Vin's Luck/And Then There Were Two/ Fiesta/Stalking/Worst Shot/Journey/Toro/Training/Calvera's Return/Calvera Routed/Ambush/Petra's Declaration/Bernardo/Surprise/Defeat/Crossroads/Harr (I Magnifici Sette Original Soundtrack Full Album)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - Prelude Dal Film The Bucaneer (Les Boucaniers Original Soundtrack)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - The Ten Commandments
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - Il Grinta Soundtrack True Grit (Soundtrack Suite)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - The Miracle Soundtrack Suite
  • 16-bit FLAC

Singles & EPs

Elmer Bernstein - National Geographic Theme
Elmer Bernstein - Cross Rip
Elmer Bernstein - The Ten Commandments: Ten Commandments Prelude / In the Bulrushes / The Bitter Life / Love and Ambit
  • 16-bit FLAC
Elmer Bernstein - Great Escape March (From "the Great Escape')
Elmer Bernstein - Make Haste to Live (Original Soundtrack) [1954]
Elmer Bernstein - The Eternal Sea (Original Soundtrack) [1955]