Roberto Velez Lopez - Fusion Sentimental
Kadecia Wilson - Thankful
Patricio Alexander - Es Tu Amor (feat. Manuel Ríos)
Anita Barth - All Around Me
Paradise Hymns - Near Again (Never Left) [feat. Allison Yandell]
Jessica Leia - Allegiance to Love
Solfrid Gavang - Mitt Drömda Land
Sandy Torchon - Bondye Konnen Ou La
zen remastering - Sleep in a Refuge: Kerosene Lamp in Storm
  • 16-bit FLAC
Lori Ganiear - Power (All This Time)
Siestra Duncan - Relentless (feat. Tiffany Vasquez)
Jahaziel Rodriguez - Quiero Volver
Otniel Vásquez - Unido a Ti
Andrei - Primer Amor
Primer Amor Andrei 2019
George Scott - Audience of One
Ego Michael - You Are God Alone
Harvest Christian Fellowship - Just for Who You Are
Edu Guimarães Eg - A Chave da Vitória (Ao Vivo)
Christine Solimeno - The Wind and the Sand
Mal V Moo - Coulda but Didn’t (feat. Jor’dan Armstrong & Gabriel Dent)
The Hope Within - Stronger
Odeelia - Nube
Nube Odeelia 2019
Esther Salimon - Hallelujah
Alison Ritch - Heaven Holds
Gissela K - This Is the Moment (Piano, Cello & Voice) [feat. Daniel Bondaczuk]
Matt Case - If You Need Me
Janet Aponte - Libertad (En Vivo)
Curtis Wayne Hurley - My Last Night
Tarsha Gibson - All I Need
Praise Warrior - I Shall Not Be Moved
Skylar Patterson and Predestined - Father's House (feat. Bishop Darrell McFadden)
Verena Dieringer - Center of Love
We Are His Music - Pieces
Tc3 Live - Faithful
Faithful Tc3 Live 2019
Eric Alphonso - Be My Shelter
Leann - Te Seguiré Siempre (feat. Ricardo Sanchez)